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Issue XLVIII (01.01.2012)

Greetings and Warm Wishes

The season of warm wishes is here once again! Around every New Year and on religious festivals, it is customary in almost all countries and religions that we wish happiness to each other. Happy New Year…. Merry Christmas….. Happy Diwali….. Happy Eid…They may or may not always come from deep inside our heart, but we do wish each other. Often as a formality, but many-a-times and to many-a-people, they are sincere and heartfelt.
Methods of dispatching our wishes to friends have gone through multiple transformations. From pigeons and private couriers long ago, we slowly moved to the postal departments, post cards and printed greeting cards. This continued for a while, and then came the telecom revolution. We swiftly moved to the courier companies, telephones, emails, mobile phones, sms, chat, videophone, and what not. With the changing lifestyle, on one hand, our concern for others is becoming shallower and we today do not have enough patience to be connected to others by way of writing letters which truly reflect our feelings. However, as an alternative, we use some special occasions and, with the help of technology, we make an attempt to get connected to others.
At times, a question may come to our mind, why in the first place do we have this tradition!!! Do our wishes really matter? Do they often come true? Do they change the destiny of the receiver?
Believe me, our greetings and wishes do matter. They are effective not only for the receiver but for the giver as well. Even if we ignore the impact it may have on someone’s destiny, wishes do have influence on our mood, our feelings for each other, and they bring some positive indications in our personality.
When we wish good luck and happiness to others, the blessings shower on us first. Blessings of positive thinking, blessings of feel good within, blessings of positive response in return and blessings of being sympathetic to each other. This also happens to be an opportunity to forgive and forget our past mistakes and start afresh.
The  receiver is blessed as well. Warm wishes come as the polite gesture of the sender. It is a proof that he cares and he is your well-wisher. Good wishes have their impact on your temper. You feel happier and when you return or forward the wishes, you spread the warmth, the happiness.
Just do not care if they come true or not, if they will change the destiny or not, spread the warmth…. spread happiness spread positive vibrations. Send your best wishes to all – to your loved ones, your friends, nears, dears and also to those you do not really like. You never know at which moment, the other person may start reflecting.  But yes, do not miss the real concern – the real warmth. Send feelings not just message.
Lets believe together that our wishes would get multiplied and would make this world a better place to live in.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you.

Your Comments

gfEKjnTnkTxMtLotf Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I ptoesd a link to your blog in , under the Page 3 post on Dec. 25, 2010. Thanks again.

Ajay Smiriti, when a flower has nice fragrance also, it attracts your admiration both, through your nose and through your eyes... Without fragrance you appreciate it only through your eyes. End of the day, it still attracts your appreciation. Let us send our wishes to everyone.... with feelings to our close ones and without feelings to the ones we do not know that closely. Your gesture will still get some returns. Wish all the viewers of this site a very Happy Year 2012.

Smriti Pathak I generally agree with the article and the comments from others. All I want to emphasize upon is, "feelings". Blessings without feelings are like flowers without fragrance. They may look beautiful but do not attract much admiration. Our wishes can get us blessings and warm wishes in return only if we send them with feelings initially. This is my personal openion. You may or may not like. I personally do not appreciate flowers without fragrance.

Monika Good Message, "good luck and happiness to others, the blessings shower on us first". If we smile on someone we will definitely receive a smile. Same way if we wish good for any one, we will receive good first.

Smriti Pathak No I think I can not agree with the idea of sending wishes to just about anyone. I mean how does it affect my or the other fellow's thinking if it doesnt have feelings? We follow this just as if it is a rule. I believe, greet only to those who love you and who trust you. And greet them with affection.

Mahendra You are right. Spreading happiness is always good. Good for me, good for you, and good for the society. At least it does not harm me.

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