Explore Self: Understanding the hidden power and light of wisdom

Week - 3 - Enrich your inner-self


So, this is the beginning of third week in the journey of exploring self. Well, we would not call it the final week. Rather, the journey of self exploration would begin once you finish this workshop. Imagine a bird is in a cage since its birth. It cannot experience the joy of flying in the open sky merely by understanding that it can fly. The bird has to practice flying and the joy would come the day when it would master flying.

Just as a bird in the cage is theoretically free to fly in open air – we are also theoretically free to be as empowered as eternity. But we need to practice experiencing the inner power.

So be in touch with your inner self for a few moments when you start the third week of this wonderful journey. Forget about your limitations, your fears, your ambitions or anything which reminds you of the outer world instead of your inner world.

There is a world that exists inside all of us – the world of our own perceptions, thoughts and feelings. It is this inner world inside us that creates the external world outside us in which we live. If we want to make changes in the outer world, the trick is to experience the change within first. Therefore, just as Arjuna focused on the eye of the fish, focus on your inner self when you start the third week of this workshop.

Day -1

Contemplate on those moments when you had problem in following the rules of  first two weeks. Also, think of those moments when you could follow the rules comfortably. What was your experience? Were you happy when you could control your anger or when you could resist your temptation to eat fast food or non-vegetarian food? Start observing changes in your relationships by continuously turning the feeling of disappointment or anger into moments of silence and reflection. Gradually, you will also see changes in your health. 
Now, go through the rules of third week and take a conscious decision to follow these rules for next one week.

Also, continue filling the checklist and to pray in the evening before going to bed everyday.

Rules for week-3
  • Continue with the morning routine as suggested for week-1 & 2.
  • No smoking, no alcohol, no non-vegetarian food, no oily and spicy food. You may enjoy carbonated beverages and packed food if you cannot resist anymore. But I’m sure, you can!
  • Aggression is a forgone trait of your nature. Right? Just forget this forever.
  • Look for the brighter side in everything and appreciate it whole heartedly.
  • Do not harm anyone, knowingly.
  • Express happiness loudly and clearly.
  • Continue with appreciating your children, your spouse, and your subordinates, every day.
  • Spend 15 minutes on meditation or prayer before going to bed.
  • Spend 5 minutes on analysis for the day and fill the “Jyotikalash checklist”, before going to bed.
  • Must sleep for 7 to 8 hours every day. No more and no less!

Day – 2

Read the following write up and note down at least three points with which you feel related.

Exploring the Hidden Self

Guess how much you know yourself.  100 % - No Way! Only God knows himself 100 %. Since we are human beings, there is surely something in each of us which we do not know.

Two psychologists, Joe & Harry gave an interesting concept in this regard and named their concept as Johari Window. According to this concept, there are certain things which we know about us and certain things we do not know. At the same time, there are certain things, others know about us and certain things others do not know. The situation can be summarized in the table below:






Our formal introduction
Our profession, some skills and habits
Some obvious facts about our family


Our Dreams, unfulfilled ambitions
Some strengths
Some of our weaknesses
Some mistakes done in past
Some fears




Some strengths
Some of our weaknesses
Some Opportunities
Hidden potential of our children or subordinates


Our deep rooted fears
Eternal possibilities of Growth and Empowerment Within us


The interesting revelation which comes from this concept of Johari Window is that actual growth and feeling of inner comfort is possible when most of the aspects related to us are in the OPEN ARENA (A). In other words, as long as something is in the closed area, it creates discomfort or blocks the possibility of growth. Things in Blind Area generally lead to conflict.

The biggest potential lies in the Dark Area. Our deep rooted fears which keep on generating anxiety and make us feel low and sick many times lie in the Dark area. If we can discover them and resolve them then life would be full of happiness. Also, If we are able to somehow be in touch with our immense potential which lies in the Dark Area, then nothing can bother us throughout life. 

The Secret is that divine possibilities lie in the cosmic environment and each one of us has an antenna in the Dark Area which if connected to this cosmic power – it can open the eternal possibilities. In most of the cases, this antenna is partially connected.  Our fears, selfish motives, inner confusion, lower emotions etc. keep us from getting connected.

When gradually a person is able to bring most of the aspects related to his own Self in the open Area, Life becomes wonderful. It becomes very easy to talk to anyone effectively, success and prosperity are very natural. Regard for others comes naturally and we do not hesitate in supporting others. Faith, Concern and Compassion take the place of anger and anxiety. The wonders of human life starts getting revealed to us.

Day -3

Read the above write up once again and write down five to seven points on how you would be benefited if Certain aspects of your inner self which are presently in the Blind Area, Closed Area or Dark Area come in the Open Arena.

Go through the following suggestions to enlarge Open Arena and choose at least three ways for yourself to work upon in the next one month:

  • If you are inspired to do something positive, do not stop yoursel

  • Write about your dreams, your fears,  your plans, etc. once a month. Initially, do it once a week. When we think over an issue, we are limited to our mind. When we write, our mind gets connected to a higher level of intelligence.

  • Do not let your inertia (lethargy) overpower you. Lethargy increases the Dark Area.

  • Convert your ambitions into a journey of Self Actualization. Link your dreams with your natural potential.

  • Read good literature and discover the deeper realities of human life.

  • You surely have the seeds of a great person within you.  Make a great person your role model and try to learn from his or her life. Some day you will discover your own inner greatness.

  • Find an opportunity to be in silence for three to five hours once a week or twice a month. Do not let your mind start brooding or day dreaming while you are observing silence. If possible, read good books, do gardening, take a walk while internally talking to nature or listen to soothing music.

  • Find half an hour for yourself preferably on Friday evening and sit silently at a place where no one can disturb you. Review the happenings of your day to day life and accept your mistakes silently. Also try and identify the positivity lying hidden in others. Confess your mistake and appreciate others for their positive things while maintaining dignity in your communication.

  • Take others’ mistakes lightly and forgive them internally.

  • Practice concentration in all the positive activities of day to day life. Also, practice meditation or regularly pray to your deity or to Five Elements of Nature. Concentration, meditation and prayer help in exploring the hidden power lying in the Dark Area.

Day – 4

Make a graph of your Open Arena, Blind Arena, Closed Arena and Dark Arena at present and guess what would be their ratio after one month. The ideal Ratio of these four areas in an Adult’s life should be something like this:












Day – 5 & 6

Make a review of your efforts done on day three and four

Day – 7

Make a review of last three weeks.

Post Workshop

Congratulations! After having successfully completed first phases of this challenge, the first on line workshop, you must be now feeling a different you. By now you at least know yourself better than you did earlier. Now is the time when you can identify those areas where you want to work with yourself.

In the coming online workshops we would take up various aspects related to our life separately. The first workshop would help you in preparing the soil for right kind of plants. While in the coming workshops you would sow the seeds of wanted plants and then gradually would nurture the plants and would enjoy the harvest.

We hope you have enjoyed as much as we did designing it for you. Your feedback and suggestions will help this improve for future takers. Please send your criticism and suggestion.

After this workshop, we suggest you to make a list of your own rules that you would love to follow for rest of the life.

Good Luck and Thanks.

Do not forget to remove the ring and keep at a safe place for any future workshops you may want to attend.