Explore Self: Understanding the hidden power and light of wisdom

Week - 1 - Remove the dust

Rules for week-1 (When you will follow them you’ll discover they are aids to achieve the success and happiness you always wanted to)

  1. Wake up latest by 6:00 AM during this week.
  2. Take a morning walk of 15 minutes or more but not more than 45 minutes for sure.
  3. Do not express any anger this week. When feeling angry, just look at your ring and take a deep breath! Forgive the other person and bless him/her to be wiser and more sincere. When you are able to control your emotional reaction totally, give an appropriate response if needed.
  4. If you are a smoker, quit smoking during this workshop.
  5. Strictly, no alcohol during this workshop. Whenever you feel the urge, take juice or tea or at the most a soft drink.
  6. If you are a non-vegetarian, please stick to fruits, vegetables, pulses and grains during this workshop. If you can also avoid different varieties of bread, such as Pizza, Burger, etc., and packed and junk food, it will be great.
  7. Express happiness loudly and clearly.
  8. Appreciate your children, your spouse, your brother, sister, a friend and your subordinates for at least one good reason, every day. Remember, they do a lot of good things and bad things. Look for the good ones, and good part even in the bad ones!
  9. Fill the “Jyotikalash checklist” before going to bed.
  10. Read linked article and analyze yourself on day 6 of the week.


Day - 1 onwards

Knowing self is perhaps one of the most difficult challenges and to get ready for this journey you have to first clean your inner self. Don’t we get our vehicles serviced before a long journey!! It is believed that our inner self is as powerful as divinity itself. A pure mind and heart helps our inner self in realizing its power to the fullest extent. However, during the course of life, a lot of dust gets deposited on our mind and heart and our real power gets clouded. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the dust deposited on the mind and heart if we want to live a life of fulfillment.

On day one, read rules carefully and follow them for one week. Take printout of the check list for week-1. Keep the checklist at a place which is accecible easily. Remember, you must update the checklist everyday.

Whenever in confusion or difficulty, look at your ring. It will remind you of your hidden will power. Remember, when iron melts, then only its shape changes.
Open the instant stress reliever given with a link on home page and sit quietly for a few seconds with it. It will revitalize you with fresh energy and inner peace.

Day – 2

Go through the Theme of this week titles as “Power of Five elements” and also read the prayer to the five elements of nature given with a link on the home page. If you feel related with this prayer, get it printed and put it on the wall in your study or bed room or pooja / meditation room. Before going to bed, read it once and close your eyes for a few seconds reflecting about it. If you want to choose some other prayer, recite it with closed eyes before going to bed and reflect for a few seconds.

Day – 3 : Read the following write up

Explore Yourself

A number of Psychologists have conducted studies on the functioning of mind and have given the concept of personality which denotes the way mind expresses itself. In the first issue of this Workshop, we will talk about some dimensions of personality. A self assessment based on these personality dimensions would help us in understanding how because of our real self on one hand and because of the collected dust on the other hand; we sow the seeds of both success and failure, joy and sorrow.

Kindly go through a brief description of the following personality traits. The traits given at the left side are positive and are already a part of natural self. However, we need to understand them and practice them. When we do not pay attention to them consciously, they at times take the shape of dysfunctional qualities mentioned at the right side.


Functional Personality Traits

Dysfunctional Personality Traits


Sociability: ability to mix and work with others

Dependence: wish to get others’ acceptance and attention


Empathy: ability to feel others’  emotions and act accordingly

Emotionality: Being swayed away by one’s weaker emotions


Self Esteem: faith in one’s own qualities

Arrogance: looking down at others


Moral Values: having one’s moral standards

Critical attitude: frequently evaluating others critically


Creativity: ability to think intuitively and develop one’s own insights

Confusion: constantly changing ideas without clarity of the reasons


Sense of Responsibility: ability to accept one’s duties and feel responsible

Proneness to Stress: not being able to face the challenges of day-to-day life

The above list of personality traits is not very exhaustive. However, one’s assessment on the basis of this list gives a fair idea as to what extent we are moving in the right direction. The questionnaire given below would also give some idea about one’s personality. In order to understand oneself more meaningfully, a deeper reflection is needed.

Day - 4 and 5

Read "The Power of Five Elements" and the above writeup once again and reflect for a few minutes and continue following the rules of week 1.

Please Don't forget to fill the checklist and continue doing prayer..

Day - 6

Assess Yourself

Read the following statements carefully and give your response in terms of a number against each statement according to the instructions below:
If you strongly agree, put 5
If you agree, put 4
If you somewhat agree, put 3
If you disagree, put 2
If you strongly disagree, put 1

  1. I always enjoy in parties.
  2. I am easy to get along with
  3. I always enjoy attending guests and visitors.
  4. I get bored when I am alone.
  5. I cannot do shopping alone.
  6. I feel extremely happy when someone appreciates me.
  7. When I see someone in trouble, I feel like helping him.
  8. The rich should always help the poor.
  9. Mother Teresa is one of my Role Models.
  10. When someone tells a lie, I cannot tolerate it.
  11. I cannot work with people who are not fair or just.
  12. I do not feel comfortable when someone criticizes me.
  13. I can cope with the challenges of life.
  14. People often take my opinion while taking decisions.
  15. I feel proud of human values and moral standards my family has taught me.
  16. I do not like people who do not have basic etiquettes.
  17. When I take a decision, I do not review it.
  18. I judge others’ status before interacting with them.
  19. I take care never to hurt others.
  20. Man is known by his character not by his wealth.
  21. When in doubt, I go by the principles well accepted by the society.
  22. I often admonish younger ones for not maintaining discipline.
  23. People suffer because of their own mistakes.
  24. People generally think that I am a very strict person.
  25. I visualize everything before actually doing it.
  26. Every problem has more than one solution.
  27. I take many decisions on the basis of my intuition.
  28. I like to see almost all new movies.
  29. I have changed many jobs.
  30. Even after taking a decision, I make many changes while implementing it.
  31. Parents should understand their role in the overall growth of their children even before giving birth to them.
  32. General public can do a lot for socio-economic growth of a country.
  33. When I see a problem around, I take initiative to solve it.
  34. I find myself worrying over a problem continuously till it gets solved.
  35. I often make a complaint when someone has not been fair or dutiful.
  36. I am generally perturbed about something or the other.

 Scoring Key:

In each cell given below, the items denoting a particular personality dimension have been given. Write your response in terms of number (1 to 5) in the given cells and find the total of three items for each personality dimension. Further, the total of scores on functional personality traits would give you the ratio of positivity(A) in the personality and the total of dysfunctional personality traits would give the ratio of negativity(B).


Functional Personality Traits (A)


Dysfunctional Personality Traits(B)




1,   2,   3(Total)


4,   5,    6 (Total)








7,   8,   9  (Total)


10,   11,  12(Total)







Self Esteem

13,  14,  15(Total)


16,  17,  18(Total)







Moral Values

19,  20,  21(Total)

Critical attitude

22,  23,  24(Total)








25,  26,  27(Total)


28,  29,  30(Total)







Sense of Responsibility

31,  32,  33(Total)

Proneness to Stress

34,  35,  36(Total)







Total Scores




Personality Effectiveness Quotient = Total of A/Total of A+B*100

Day – 7

Feedback Form (to be sent after one week)

Kindly download the feedback form, fill it and send it via email to us.