Why Jyotikalash!


Jyotikalash.net website has been created with a basic purpose of facilitating a more fulfilling and stress-free life than we are generally able to afford. The social, financial and emotional pressures are continuously increasing, leaving common man in a constant state of confusion. But one cannot survive in confusion for a long time. When life does not unfold itself clearly, leaving many unanswered questions, we tend to take refuge in blaming our destiny or those around us.

However, the reality is that human beings are capable of undergoing tremendous stress and remain happy, healthy and prosperous at the same time. Our scriptures and teachings of many ancient and modern teachers give us lot of insights into the deeper aspects of human existence which, when understood properly, can make our life much more fulfilling and happy. These teachings and insights are lighthouses, a source of the light of wisdom, which illuminate us the moment we approach them. We can not only refer to them during our difficult period. But the deeper fact is that they can help us in forming the basic guidelines of our day to day life making it smooth and more fulfilling.

The basic purpose of this website is to create a forum where we can explore and reflect upon the precious teachings of our scriptures and great people and unfold deeper layers of our wisdom, find sustainable solutions of our issues and lead a much more fulfilling life. It proposes to facilitate the solution of certain issues which are rapidly increasing at the social front with increasing complexities of life. The following issues are particularly being felt, faced and discussed:

  1. The youth today is bound to jump into making careers and at the same time forming families without properly preparing themselves for the challenges they have to face. As a result, they, at times, have to face many ups and downs in both professional and personal life.
  2. The number of dual career families is increasing day by day making the social fabric thinner and thinner. At the family front, both husband and wife are needed to undergo tremendous stress and most of the times, this leaves a negative impact on the upbringing of children also.
  3. With the fast pace of changes, the gap between parents and their children is increasing day by day. This gap leads to wrong decisions at times and the moral and emotional strength which a person should carry to face the challenges of life gets leaked.



The specific objectives of Jyotikalash are:-

  • To facilitate work-life balance, especially in dual career families and in those families where both men and women experience great work pressure.
  • To facilitate inculcation of basic life skills, especially, skills to manage time, to overcome stress and to create space for self and others.
  • To generate ideas for effective grooming of children with a view to equip them with inner wisdom, energy and emotional strength.
  • To generate ideas for converting stressful situations into sources of growth and fulfillment and increasing one’s inner reservoir of strength in the process.
  • Facilitating the inculcation of skill to develop mutual agreeableness in personal and professional relationships.
  • Generating deeper insights into the power of mind and its connections with heart, soul and spirit, thus, developing a new paradigm for leading a life.
  • Facilitate experience the ultimate freedom of choice bestowed to mankind by way of spirituality