Lifestyle Leading Towards Success

Everyone wants to be successful today. However, along with success, we invite a lot of stress also. In many cases, success is not continuous also. We face many ups and downs.
How to make success a continuous feature of life - that too without too much stress?
The answer is developing a healthy and balanced lifestyle. By looking at life as a whole and following some principles and norms, we bring changes within ourselves and this makes the process of growth and success smooth.
With the purpose of facilitating our viewers enjoy continuous success and live happily throughout life, we are launching this feature, with some Interviews of Highly Successful people.

Interaction with Shri Anand Singhal

Interaction with Prof. Upinder Dhar

Shri Anand Singhal is Chairman, Global Institute of Technology Society, Jaipur. He is also running business in the areas of hospitality and real estate. Besides these, he is also managing a manufacturing unit for making chemical products.....

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Dr. Upinder Dhar is Vice Chancellor of JK Lakshmipat University. Before taking up the present responsibility, Prof. Dhar was  Director-Institute of Management, Dean-Faculty of Management, and Dean-Faculty of Doctoral Studies and Research, Nirma University.....

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Interaction with Mr. Rajendra Bhanawat

Interaction with Honorable Shri M.L.Mehta

Shri Rajendra Bhanawat is an IAS officer, presently holding the position of Managing Director, Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation Ltd.(RIICO). He has been an excellent scholar........

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After a brilliant academic career Shri M.L.Mehta joined Indian Administrative Service in 1963 and rose to the position of Chief Secretary, Rajasthan..........

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Interaction with Mr. J.V. Ravi Kumar Sastry

Interaction with Dr. S.M. Seth

Mr.J.V.Ravi Kumar Sastry, an IITian and owner of a Software company, Plumsoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd, decided to venture out in Entrepreneurship.........

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Dr. S.M. Seth, a teacher, researcher and administrator, had excellent academic career in Civil Engineering, especially in Dam Design, Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulics. He did his PhD ..............

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