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Shri Anand Singhal is Chairman, Global Institute of Technology Society, Jaipur.

About Shri Anand Singhal

Shri Anand Singhal is Chairman, Global Institute of Technology Society, Jaipur. He is also running business in the areas of hospitality and real estate. Besides these, he is also managing a manufacturing unit for making chemical products at Jaipur.

Shri Singhal was born in Nahar, a small town in the west of Rajasthan. Although he got admission for Medical Course, yet dropped his plan due to some family responsibilities and joined his father’s transport agency in 1976. He continued his studies simultaneously and did MBA.

He ventured into trading of grains and vegetables in Nahar. Two years later, he moved to Jaipur with his uncles who owned a manufacturing unit. From 1978 to 1982, Shri Singhal, along with his uncles, established four more industrial units to manufacture various chemical products. Later on, he took up the charge of one of these units and then established a large scale factory at Indore. Meanwhile, he moved his parents and siblings to Jaipur to ensure a better future for his family.

In 1989, he diversified into real estate and has now successfully established business in other areas including higher education. His mission in GITS is to create opportunities for aspiring engineers and budding managers to grow holistically and prepare themselves to live a fulfilling life.  Shri Singhal is a role model for students for taking charge of their own life – starting from scratch and leading towards great heights of success.

In his personal life, Shri Anand Singhal is married for 27 years and has two sons.

Presenting here views of Shri Anand Singhal.

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Rising in Life by Adopting a Principle Based Lifestyle: an Interaction with Shri Anand Singhal

Interviewer : Sir, when did you consciously think of your lifestyle for the first time? What is the right age when one should start working on this?

Shri Anand Singhal :  After my schooling,  I got admission in Medical College. But I realized that if I go for medical education at this point, my younger brothers and sisters will not be able to get good education facilities. So I decided to change my field and joined my father’s transport agency. That was the time when I began to consciously think about my life in general.

I believe that the right age to start taking the charge of one’s life is around 14 years of age - the time before choosing one’s subject of study,  that is when the child is studying in 9th or 10th.

Interviewer : Some people start as an average and go very high in life. According to you what is the secret behind it?

Shri Anand Singhal : I think the fundamental reason is that they understand the ground realities and remain down-to-earth and humble, which is essential to rise high and sustain one’s growth. In order to attain a height, one has to be focused, work on one’s strengths and weaknesses continuously and be away from pride or ego even after getting considerable success. Above all one should be a continuous learner to rise very high in life.

Interviewer : What, on the contrary, makes a person remain an average. What causes stagnation in life?

Shri Anand Singhal :  A couple of major reasons may lead to that: inability to handle success to and inadequate hard work and lack of focus. It is comparatively easy to get Success. However, to sustain it, one should work on one’s total personality so that success gets naturally aligned with your total self.

Interviewer : Is there a book or an event or a person who has highly influenced you in forming your philosophy of life?

Shri Anand Singhal : Two persons who have influenced me immensely and have helped me in shaping my career are my grandfather as well as my paternal uncle. My grandfather, Shri Baldev Singh ji Kandoi was a freedom fighter. I imbibed the basic values of life from my grandfather. My paternal uncle, Shri G. S. Kandoi  has also taught me many things. He helped me in giving a shape to my life and career.

I am also very much influenced by Swami Vivekanand and his thoughts. Moreover, inspirational songs influence me a lot. I am very fond of the song, “Ruk Jana Nahi tu Kahin Har Ke…”.

Interviewer : Do you agree that one can enjoy life to the ultimate only when he or she is deeply concerned with one’s family and relations as well as with the country and society at large?

Shri Anand Singhal : Yes, I strongly believe that an individual’s root is his culture, which is shaped by one’s family and the people around him/her. One gets true satisfaction and happiness by giving something back to the society.

Success is not meaningful unless it is meant for others. Fundamentally, we are all here to play a role in our family and in our society. Once we get success in a particular role, we become capable of taking up higher roles successfully. Thus, we form a chain of success. One cannot enjoy one’s life and success without being concerned about others because that is the only way you become successful in your various roles.

Interviewer : When choosing an employee, what would you see first – character and trustworthiness or communication skills?

Shri Anand Singhal :  I would say character and trustworthiness. A person with integrity and honesty is highly valuable in the long  term. Communication skills can be learned with time. But the other way round may not always be the case.  A piece of coal and a raw diamond are alike- both are made of carbon. The  difference between them is only in terms of their crystal structure. However, if we choose a raw diamond, we can cut it and polish it to make a perfect diamond. But if we choose a coal, we cannot improve upon it.

Interviewer : Suggest some principles everyone should adopt in one’s life so that they can move towards small achievements..

Shri Anand Singhal : The first principle which I always follow in my life is the principle of growing together. If we have two lines – A and B and we want to make A the larger one, there are many options. A represents me and B represents others. The options can be as below:

We can cut a little part of B so that A becomes bigger

A. --------------------------------

B. -------------------/---------

 We do not disturb B but work continuously to make A bigger and bigger.

A. _____________________________________________

B. ________________________________    

 A takes B along with him and both grow together.


A&B    _____________________________________________________________



I firmly believe in the third option. The third option leads to unlimited growth. In addition to this, the following principles can help us in growing continuously:

  • Acquiring as much knowledge as possible,
  • Selection of right field of choice;
  • Proper planning, hard work and commitment,
  • Taking full responsibility of one’s own life and having patience,
  • Good intentions and concern for development of all.

Interviewer : What according to you matters most in life? At the end of the day, what signifies that one has lived a successful and significant life?

Shri Anand Singhal : If you have shared your success with others, if you have contributed something outside your own self and your family, it means you have lived a significant and successful life.


Interviewer : Any other idea or experience you would like to share with regard to developing a healthy life style.

Shri Anand Singhal : First of all, we should work towards developing a more scientific education system which  leads to overall development of children. The present system is preparing students for white collar jobs but it is not developing proficiency in them. Moreover, there is no structured way to inculcate basic human values and principles of life in the students when they are in a tender age.

At the individual level, one should properly plan all the 24 hours balancing work, pleasure, learning, personal health and contribution towards others. Life cannot be built in a day. If we develop a healthy and systematic day-to-day lifestyle, small and big milestones of success start showing us the right path. Ultimately, then, sky is the limit.

I wish that all our viewers, especially our children, are able to transform themselves so that success gets aligned with their lifestyle and they are ready to fly in the eternal sky.

I Wish All the Best to Everyone!



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