Theme of the week


Sit down calmly and take a few deep breaths. Think about your past three years. Which problems did you encounter  in this period which really moved you. Some of them may be still continuing. Take a diary and write down any two weaknesses of your which may have contributed to these problems. For example, you may identify some of these:

  • Lethargy (physical, social, emotional or spiritual): You may be postponing efforts in a particular direction which you know would be beneficial if you do them.
  • Emotional instability: Some fears or undue anger, irritation, or other negative emotions may be bothering you for a particular period in life.
  • Stagnation: You may not be getting time to further grow yourself in a field where you feel growth is required
  • Interpersonal effectiveness: you may not be able to have enough empathy or compassion or devotion in your interactions with selected people or in general for a particular period in life.
  • Lack of Authenticity:  At times, people start being unauthentic with others to take short cut for desired results. Gradually, their thoughts also become unauthentic and they start losing touch with the realities of life. As a result, some day they feel life is being unauthentic – not responding to their hard work and wishes.
The list of weaknesses may be very big. You can very carefully choose only two weaknesses which you feel are still with you and you need to remove them. Choose one of these and decide what exactly you would be doing to overcome this weakness. Continue your efforts for next one month. Review the process and make revisions’ if necessary. While you continue making efforts for this, start taking care of the second one also. Continue for next two months. Then you may pick up a third one if you feel a need.