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Given below is a questionnaire which helps us in identifying how spiritual is our life style or how close we are to our inner self. In the present questionnaire, the following dimensions of spirituality or spiritual life style would be measured:

  1. Transcendence: An ability to remain untouched emotionally by positive as well as negative situations or experiences. Taking people, ideas or situations as source of learning or mere experience and not having any strong positive or negative feeling. An ability to go beyond likes, dislikes, hurts, etc.
  2. Love for All: An ability to feel others’ pain as one’s own, ability to forgive others and take pains for others’ welfare.
  3. Heightened Consciousness: An ability to look beyond the visible. Having a vision based on intuition. An ability to look into future and plan the present overcoming the effect of subconscious thoughts coming from past.
  4. Continuous Efforts for Inner Growth: Making conscious efforts to improve one’s inner power through committed work, service, yogasan, pranayam, meditation, reading quality literature, etc.
  5. Life Energy: Ability to draw energy from the cosmic power and spread it to others. Feeling energetic in spite of adversities or workload.
  6. Respect for Values and Morality: Leading a life based on principles where others are as important as self. Considering others’ concern while taking decisions.
  7. Search for Truth: Making active efforts to understand the basic principles of nature, of life and the inter-relationships


How Spiritual Is Your Life Style
Read the following statements carefully and give your response in terms of number according to the instructions below:
If you strongly agree, put 5
If you agree, put 4
If you somewhat agree, put 3
If you disagree, put 2
If you strongly disagree, put 1

1.             I accept life and people as they are.
2.             I feel happy when I am able to do good to others.
3.             I am highly organized in my life.
4.             I do meditation /pranayam regularly.
5.             I feel I have to do many things in life and I feel enthusiastic about them.
6.             I follow some principles in my life.
7.             I believe that some divine power controls this universe.
8.             I remain unperturbed when someone does not turn up to my expectations.
9.             When I see someone in trouble, I feel like helping him/her.
10.      *    Very often I get overpowered by negative thoughts.
11.            I like reading scriptures or quality literature.
12.            My energy level is always high whether life is smooth or not.
13.            I can stand alone to follow the right path.
14.            I believe in non-violence of thoughts, words and action and practice it.
15.      *     I feel uneasy when someone criticizes me.
16.            I feel that the basic purpose of my life is to contribute in other’s life.
17.            I can concentrate for long hours on any work.
18.      *     I believe that going to place of worship is a waste of time.
19.      *     I feel tired very easily.
20.      *     Ethical talks are good to listen but too idealistic to follow.
21.      *     Cosmic power is a myth.  We should believe in only what we can see and prove directly.
22.      *     I often think that people should change their behaviour.
23.      *     I am not able to forgive those who cause harm to me.
24.      *     Whenever I feel disturbed, I become hyperactive.
25.            I believe inner satisfaction is more important to me in comparison to worldly success.
26.            I believe that if I am able to face a difficult situation successfully, I will be a stronger person.
27.      *     I sometimes feel that I alone cannot make the world a better place by following the right path.
28.            I am not afraid of death.
29.            When some event or person causes pain to me I heal myself by spending some moments in silence.
30.            I many times think that a lot of people have contributed in my life.
31.           When I take a decision I generally think how it will affect others.
32.           Always make efforts to live a synchronized life.
33.      *    When I feel disturbed, it reflects on my face.
34.           Whenever I am confused, I do whatever is ethically right.
35.           I believe life events can be changed through strong will-power.
36.           I am comfortable even in ambiguous situation.
37.           A person who spreads love and care is more valuable than a person who has lot of knowledge.
38.      *   I make many resolutions but I am unable to follow them.
39.      *   I believe that life is to enjoy, the idea of reading books, helping others etc. does not appeal to me.
40.           I remain joyful throughout the day.
41.      *    If others harm me I do not hesitate in harming them.

42.           I believe that desires and attachment are sources of misery in life.

.Scoring Key









Love for All




Heightened Consciousness




Continuous Efforts for Inner Growth:




Life Energy




Respect for Values and Morality




Search for Truth








* Reverse scoring for negative (starred) items.
The range of scores on the scale of spiritual intelligence varies from 42 at the minimum to 210 at the maximum. The range of scores on each dimension is 6 to 30. Higher the score higher the well-being. The scores can be interpreted in the light of norms below:



Std. Dev






Thus, a score below Q1 would indicate low spiritual intelligence, score between Q1 and Q2 would indicate medium spiritual intelligence, score between Q2 and Q3 would indicate high spiritual intelligence, and score above Q3 would indicate very high spiritual intelligence. These norms have been developed on a sample of professionals only. Therefore, further work is needed to measure and interpret spiritual intelligence among non professionals.