The following activities will be taken up to fulfill the mission of jyotikalash group:

  • A write-up once a week will be posted on the site under "Theme of the week" section with a view to facilitate reflection on various issues of importance giving different paradigms to look at a particular point and feel motivated to sort out issues with greater positive energy.
  • A personality development corner giving a questionnaire or suggesting a life experiment once a week with a view to facilitate continuous self-development.
  • On-line counseling for a particular issue sent through e-mail or analysis of a real issue being experienced and reported by more than one person. The names of people sending their doubts and questions will not be given on the site. Or else, possible solutions to frequently felt questions would be given
  • Some life experiments will be suggested every week to facilitate the readers explore the truth themselves and find their own solutions. If we own any idea without experimenting and analyzing it, it becomes a ritual and the effect may not be visible.